October 13, 2011
Vital Weekly Reviews “Shizuku”

A voice reciting a text: that’s something rather unheard of in the world of 12K. I can’t recall something like that happening before. What’s next, somebody singing? Illuha is a Portuguese word, meaning ‘Island’ and is a duo of Corey Fuller and Tomoyoshi Date, who had a bunch of pieces on the Fat Cat and Mille Plateaux websites and formed with Opitope with Chihei Hatakeyama and has released two solo albums; oddly enough he is also a physician. Fuller also lives in Tokyo these days and is known for his various releases on Dragon’s Eye and besides Illuha, he also has been collaborating with Mathieu Ruhlmann and Tyler Wilcox and Chihei Hatakeyama, and with the latter and Date also a trio called Kuukoka. That poem piece, recited by Tadahito Ichoneseki, is the only odd ball on this CD, the other pieces, six in total, have the ‘usual’ 12K touch, the 12K touch of these days that is. Lots of acoustic instruments, like dulcimer, accordion, piano vibraphone, cello, but also analog synth
rhodes and bits of field recordings, all played in a 100 year old church, picked up by quad-microphone techniques and apparently with a little bit of computer processing. The natural ambience of the space works quite well for this music, which is very melodic and rich. No doubt this is due to the use of acoustic instruments and sees 12K once again moving out of the strict realms of computer music, into a finely woven world of acoustic ambient music. Beautiful, rich and at times sad music. Emotional music and simply great. Excellent. (FdW)
Address: http://www.12k.com